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Origins of the ‘Indalo Man’

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The Indalo Man has been adopted by Almeria as a symbol for the area.

The ‘Mojacar Man’ or “Indalo” is the symbol adopted by Mojacar, a village in the Southeastern Spanish province of Almeria, as their logo. It’s history and origins is detailed below.

The Indalo is a prehistoric, supposedly magical symbol that was found in a cave in the Los Velez Natural Park in Velez Blanco, Spain. The cave is is now off limits to any visitors.

Historically, it has been customary to paint an Indalo symbol on the front of houses and businesses to protect them from evil.

The Indalo Man dates back to 2500 BC and was named in memory of St Indaletius, which means Indal eccius (messenger of the Gods) in the Iberian language.

Legend has it that the Indalo was a ghost that could hold and carry a rainbow in his hands (thus the arch over the head of the man).

The Indalo symbol is used as a lucky charm in the Almeria region, but the charm is only beneficial to you if it has been presented to you as a gift.

For Indalo Transport, the name of the company was a natural choice – to let everyone know that we are linked with this lovely part of the world, and that we have a base in Mojacar, which was the first place in the area to adopt the symbol.

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