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How to Use a Roundabout in Spain

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Hang on I hear you say – I know how to use a roundabout, I use them all the time in the UK, it’s all the same all over Europe, surely. Well actually, no that’s not strictly true. Read on to find out why.

Roundabouts are a relatively recent addition to the roads in Spain, and you will find that things don’t always happen on Spanish roundabouts in the same way that you’ll be used to from the UK.

The most common comment is about cars using the outside lane to go around to the 3rd or 4th exit of a roundabout, which surprises many visitors to the country when they first see it. Whilst this is not best practice in the UK it is, however, the correct way to do it according to the Traffic Office in Spain.

Click on the picture below to get the definitive advice on how to use a Spanish roundabout, from the Spanish Traffic Office, the DGT. Then you won’t get caught out by the slightly different way the Spanish are taught to use them. The bottom picture links to an explanation of when and how to use the innermost lane, which is where all the confusion normally comes in for UK drivers when in Spain.


How to Use a Roundabout in Spain – Click to open video in a new tab

The use of the innermost lane, treating it the same way as the outer or overtaking lane of a dual carriageway – unlike the way we use it in the UK. Click the picture below to go to the video explaining how the DGT is thinking, showing you when you would use the ‘overtaking’ lane on a roundabout.

Like everything else, you just need to exercise a bit of common sense, and keep your wits about you at all times!