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Moving to Spain … an Expat Guide

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Spain - Indalo Transport

Becoming an expat and moving to Spain is a thrilling adventure – Click for Map Guide

There is nothing more exciting than taking the plunge and deciding to become an expat. It really is an exhilarating adventure, and there aren’t many experiences in life that effect you in quite the same, glorious way that emigrating does.

Once you commit to moving to another country, there’s no looking back. As daunting as this may sound, the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Becoming an expat isn’t going to be as difficult and as scary as you think it is, and we here at Indalo Transport can say that with some authority because we’re a team of expats ourselves.

We know exactly what you’re feeling, and what you’re about to go through, so you’ll be relieved to hear that there’s only fun, opportunity, and excitement ahead.

As you start making preparations for your removal from the UK to Spain, don’t panic! We’re here to help you keep calm, so that you can carry on.

We’ll help sort out all the things you need to do to keep your epic, logistical challenge right on track.

Whether you choose to use our removals service or not, we’ll be here, always on hand to answer any of your queries about becoming an expat. And to start things off, why not check out our handy infographic?

It’ll tell you all the important things you need to know as an expat moving to Spain, plus we’ve thrown a few tips in at the end for good measure.

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So you’re thinking of moving to Spain

Spain Infographic - Indalo Transsport

What will my new life be like in Spain?

It’s going to be fantastic!

Garrucha - Indalo Transport

Garrucha – Almeria

Spain is an absolutely beautiful country. It has tranquil, old-fashioned villages which are surrounded by breathtaking scenery and panoramic views.

It has awe-inspiring coastal towns, with exquisite beaches, and it has modern cities which are bustling and trendy.

No matter where you go in Spain, you’ll find that the place just oozes with history, tradition, art and fashion, and that the country as a whole has been infused with the very best bits from a variety of exuberant peoples and lavish cultures.

Family, religion and a laid-back attitude seem to be the most important things in Spain. You’ll find that nobody likes to rush.

Most places have a siesta in the afternoon, pretty much everything is closed on a Sunday, and banks close for the day at 2pm just after lunch.

You’ll also find that everyone seems to do pretty much everything as a family, and everyone actively keeps up old traditions, not just for posterity, but for the sheer fun and enjoyment of the celebration.

And the Spanish, they love fun! They love any reason to party, and each village, town and city has their own unique way of celebrating, with their favourite, time-honoured local fiestas.

Puerto Banus - Indalo Transport

Puerto Banus

People fall in love with Spain because it has the perfect combination of warm weather, undemanding days and exciting nights.

It’s a bright, colourful country, and the Spanish are a very vibrant and passionate people.

This passion is quite infectious, and we think that you’ll fall in love with Spain in no time, and that you’ll be proud to call it your home.

Indalo Transport’s Top 4 things you need to do to prepare for your move to Spain

1. Decide on which region you’d like to live in

Spain is a huge country, it has over 15 different regions and they couldn’t be more disparate from each other. That’s why it’s a good idea to sit down and have a long, hard think about what type of an area you’d like to settle down in.

Are you looking for somewhere peaceful near the beach, or does the sound of living in a bustling, ‘big city’ appeal to you?

Do you want to be surrounded by other expats and tourists, or do you want to go off the beaten track a bit?

There are a lot of questions you can ask yourself in order to find out where your heart truly desires to live, so it’s well worth donning your deer stalker and pipe, and investigating each and every region.

We have an article all about the Spanish regions, and it may help you whittle down your choices of where you want to move to.

2. Book your removals to Spain from the UK

suitcases - Indalo Transport

And there’s lots more to go!

When you have a moving date, and you’ve gone through all your belongings and worked out what it is you’d like to take with you to Spain, contact several removals companies for quotes.

After you’ve got your quotes, do a little background research into the firms you’ve contacted and check out their customer reviews to see if they’re really as good as they say they are.

Check to see if the company is fully insured and are members of any professional associations.

Find out whether they offer a packing service or can provide you with advice and guidance on becoming an expat.

Once you’ve taken into consideration all these things, book with your chosen removals team as soon as possible, to make sure they’re still available to help you move.

Whilst you’re here, why not have a look at the services we offer, and our glowing customer reviews. Maybe we’ll be your first choice of getting your things safely to Spain from the UK.

3. Make sure you and your pet have all their documents

As Britain is a member of the EU, you and your family don’t have to worry about filling in copious amounts of customs paperwork, or having to obtain a work permit or visa. You can enjoy living and working in Spain for up to three months without having to apply for residency.

All you need to hand is your passport, and if you have one, your driving licence.

If you have pets, there are a few things you need to do in order to make their journey, as well as yours, as smooth as possible.

drivingdog - Indalo Transport

Sorry Mr Dog, a dog licence isn’t the same as a driving licence!

  • Get your pet microchipped.
  • After your pet has been chipped, book them in as soon as possible for a rabies vaccination. The reason why you need to do this asap is because you must wait 21 days after it has been done before moving abroad.
  • Some vets only give one course of vaccinations, but some advice to give two courses, therefore, the sooner it’s done, the sooner you can move.
  • Ask your vet for a Pet Passport. Just like our passports, this is a little book, complete with photo page to help people identify your pet. It is also a handy record of when your pet will need to get revaccinated for rabies.

Luckily, Spain doesn’t have a list of banned pet breeds that aren’t allowed to enter the country.

However, dog breeds which demonstrate certain ‘dangerous’ characteristics, like the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Rottweiler or Akita, or breeds which weigh over 10 kg, must be registered within three months of being in Madrid.

Vets are not permitted to administer any vaccinations to any new dog listed as a dangerous dog breed without a stamped letter of registration from the local Town Hall.

If you are travelling with more than 5 pets that are 6 months or older, your pets must meet the requirements as listed above and have endorsement from the government agency that regulates the import and export of animals. You will also need to have an Intra Trade Certificate and register the movement on the TRACES system.

4. Research.

books - Indalo Transport

You might want to start learning about Spain before you actually get there!

If you haven’t already got a place to move to, now is the time to start perusing the internet for your new home.

If you don’t have a job to go to, and you need to work, now is the time to start looking for jobs.

If you’ve got the time, now would be a good time to start learning a few simple Spanish phrases and words.

Now sit back, relax and start planning your wonderful, new life!


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