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Top Five Tips For A Stress-Free Removal in Spain

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The siestas. The tapas. The sangrias. The now affordable housing, with six-figure villas going for easy five figures. Whatever it is that has made you want to have your place under the Spanish sun, now you are faced with having to move to another location. Whether that is still within the EU member state or within Europe, the bottom line is you will soon be neck-deep in boxes, packing tapes, and bubble wrap. And then there is the usual stress involved in house removals.

Here’s the thing about house removals: They do not have to be stressful. In fact, and if you really want to get ambitious about it, they can be downright fun. To help you expertly deflect the stress away from your house removal, here are top five muy bueno ways to achieve it.

1. Be prepared — be very prepared.
Assuming you have moved a few times in your life, so far, then it is very likely you will know what to expect. Going with that, then, it should be easy to prepare for an upcoming move. Get a list of everything you need to get done leading up to the moving day. When you are organized, you will rarely miss anything, which means fewer frustrations, if not none at all. We have a useful Free Moving Checklist here to help you.

2. Downsize, declutter, and pack fewer things.
Come on, you don’t really have to take everything with you, do you? When you do an inventory of all your stuff — what to sell, what to give, what to keep, and what to trash — then you will save so much more energy and money in packing. If you sell some of your things, you can earn money in the process. If you give away stuff to charity, then you help other people. This is what’s known as a win-win situation.

3. Buy your packing materials early.
Don’t leave anything up to the last minute, like buying your packing materials the night before the removals company comes. Buying in advance prevents any late-night trips to the store because you ran out of packing tape. Indalo Transport offers Free Packing Materials with every Trans-European move, but we also sell a full range of packing materials here, including super strong triple wall boxes.

4. Choose your removals company way ahead of your moving date.
Ideally, you will want to pick from the removals companies in Spain or Europe three months in advance — at least. Some of the best companies may be booked well in advance and you do not want to settle for the available but low-quality removals company.

Also, when you do your search for a removals company several months ahead of your move, you’ll have more time to assess the company and make an informed choice as a consumer.

5. Mark all your boxes and separate important documents and items that should be with you.
Finally, make sure all your boxes are properly marked as to where it should be placed (e.g., kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc.), along with the contents. This will avoid any confusion and frustration during the move. You should also be certain that your important documents, like passports and property contracts, and other items like tablets and mobile phones, are with you and not packed in with the boxes.

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