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Removals from Spain to UK in 2023

Removals from Spain to the UK 2021

We all know how stressful moving can be. That’s why Indalo Transport provides an efficient, caring and professional removals service.  This will help ease the pressure of your european removals headache.

Removal services from Spain to UK in 2023 – with full customs management included

Read our blogpost explaining how much things have changed with removals to the UK from Spain in 2021 – since brexit. But don’t worry, Indalo Transport have everything in place. We can guide you to a perfectly stress-free move to a newly independent UK from Spain

When you find that the dream has faded, or family circumstances change, it can be hard to make the decision to go back to the UK. To give up the expat lifestyle and move back to the ‘old country’. However, it’s important to do what you feel is right. We are a top class removal company and can help you with cost effective european removals, from full loads to part loads. Of all removals companies, Indalo Transport make Spain removals as easy and stress-free for you as possible. 

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Approved – Spain Removals

We are a removal company fully approved by Trading Standards and are fully accredited members of Move Assured.  You can be confident that you are in the safest of hands with Indalo Transport in charge of your house removals. With full removals insurance included at no extra charge, our european removals service will look after your personal belongings as though they were our own.

Since we started in 2013 we have moved many, many people from Spain to the UK. Whether it is a full load or part load, of all removal companies, we are among the very best. We have received great reviews from our customers, some of which are at the top of this page, but a full list of all feedback can be found here

Indalo Transport Removal Quote

Transfer of Residence Relief

Let us ease the pressure and take care of transporting your precious possessions, leaving you to get on with adjusting to your new life. From your initial contact, we can help with every aspect of the removal from Spain to the UK in 2023. We will take care of the new Transfer of Residence (ToR) process for you. This means you won’t be taxed by HMRC when your removal from Spain to the UK arrives. We also take care of the inventory for the customs clearance for the export from Spain, as we need to produce a version in Spanish!

Our home removal service offers Secure Storage facilities both in Spain at our wonderful new facility in Palomares near Mojacar, and also in the UK at Gosport.  In 2020 Indalo Storage, our Spanish company, opened a huge new warehouse in Palomares, just a short drive from Mojacar. This means we are perfectly placed to carry out your removal from Spain to the UK in 2023.

Fully Insured European Removals for your personal belongings

With our complete Door to Door Insurance coverage, Indalo Transport provides genuine peace of mind. This lets you get on with the 101 other things you need to arrange when relocating your whole life. You shouldn’t have to worry about your removal services, as we will take the best care of your personal belongings.

Use the info below to help you make some important decisions about your removal from Spain to the UK in 2023.

Removal Spain to UK – the Inventory

Indalo Transport InventoryWhen you decided to move abroad, you hopefully went through a bit of a de-clutter. Well, the process is equally important when you decide to book a removal from Spain to the UK in too. It is much too easy to buy things and then never use them.  Your removal from Spain to the UK will cost less if you can move only essential items. Therefore, it’s a good idea to sort through and think about what to move, rather than just packing up everything you have. The actual de-cluttering process can be quite liberating and can make you look at everything you own in a new light.

Questions to ask yourself about each item can include:

  • Have I used this in the last 3 years?
  • If the answer is no, should the item be kept and moved to the new home?
  • Is it kept for sentimental reasons that still apply?
  • Is it old so can I bin it or give it away to charity & buy a new one back in the UK?

After that, it is then the time to contact us, so that we can survey all aspects of your Spain removals service. For all european removals, we list all the items to go, and work out the volume to give you the quote. The price will be worked out from the volume and weight of the goods to move based on the inventory, and how far apart the collection and delivery points are. Whilst we may not be the cheapest option, our european removals service will give you a fully stress-free move.

Indalo Transport Removal Quote


If you don’t want to source packaging yourself, we can supply boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape for your smaller items, so that you can pack your own belongings. 

If we carry out your removal to the UK, you get all packing materials for your move free. This includes tape and a tape gun to save you time! For hints and pro tips on packing read our useful blogpost here

Packing to The Indalo StandardAlternatively, we can offer a full packing service, and will, therefore, do all the packing for you. This is a more convenient and faster solution for you. Whilst more expensive, this will take away all the stress that packing normally involves. You just sit back and relax – we’ll do it all for you. We will export wrap all your pictures and mirrors, and our house removals service will also dismantle any beds or large table as necessary. Export Wrap or pictures and mirrors - Indalo Standard

Removal Protection

We will visit your house and carefully pack away the contents of every room into sturdy boxes, using bubble wrap and wrapping paper for delicate or fragile items. For all european removals, we also make sure that each box is marked so that we know where to put it in the new house.

Indalo Transport Sofa Cover

Quilted Sofa Cover

For larger items, we use a special bubble blanket supplied just for protecting furniture during long moves. We also have special quilted sofa covers and padded TV covers to make sure everything stays in tip-top condition.

When we come to load the truck,  mattresses are put into plastic bags, and we protect everything using transit blankets and large quilted removal pads, to ensure nothing gets damaged.

Countdown to the Move

This short list gives you the essential things to think of before your move – for a complete list, go here for a free downloadable moving checklist

Countdown to Removal from Spain to the UK
  • To find a cost effective option, you should ideally talk to removal companies at least 3 months before you move.
  • Once you know your moving date, book the removal as soon as possible to coincide with that.
  • In the last month before the move, inform the following people/organisations of the date of the move :- Doctor; Dentist; Solicitor, Bank; Building Society; Credit Card Companies; Telephone/Satellite/Internet provider; Gas; Electric; Water; Sewage; Local Council; Royal Mail; Newsagent; Magazine Subscriptions; & finally, any Clubs you are in
  • In the last week before the move, make sure that full payment for the removal has been received by the removers.
  • On the day of the move, make sure that the items NOT to be moved – like luggage, passports, laptops etc – are separated and put somewhere where there is no possibility of accidental shipment by the removal company.

So, there you go. A few things to bear in mind for your removal from Spain

Indalo Transport Removal Quote

We hope that you are now one of the prospective clients of Indalo Transport. To book a UK move and to use our european removals service, or talk to us about planning your removal, contact us using the Quote Me page, or call us on our Freephone UK or Spanish telephone numbers

Indalo Transport, the only name you need among removal companies!

As well as removals from Spain, we also do removals to Spain too, find out more here

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