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New Removal Van for Indalo Transport

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New vehicle for Indalo Transport

We’re really excited to tell you that we have now bought another removal van, so we can provide you with a much better service to, from and within Spain.

The addition of this Ford Transit Luton, pictured above, marks the start of a new phase for Indalo Transport, as the new vehicle has a tail lift and professional removals ramp, meaning we can now move very heavy items with ease, like jacuzzis and pianos.

As well as this, two vans gives us much greater capacity and flexibility, which will mean we can fit in with your removal dates with ease.

Further down in this post you’ll be able to read the story of how this van was bought, and find out about some wonderful people in the removals trade in the UK, who pulled out all the stops to make sure this great van could go into service a month after purchase.

But first, here are a couple more photos of this fabulous vehicle.

Indalo Transport Luton

First job for the new van, a move from Cardiff to Bristol!

Indalo Transport Luton

Aluminium 2 Piece Ramp for a professional, fast removal service

The transformation from ‘white van’ to ‘Indalo Transport Removal Van’

With 53 minutes left, I made an offer & thought, I’ll never get it for that price! (Or, The story of how I came to buy this van)

If you want to find out how I had to jump on 2 planes in the space of 12 hours, and drive from Scotland down to Newcastle on a Sunday in April 2017, read on.

Whilst I had been looking for a second van for a while now, nothing seemed to be available at a realistic price, so I had settled into a routine of looking on eBay and Autotrader every week or so, just to see if anything new had come up for sale.

Recently, on one of my monthly trips back to the UK, I was staying in a hotel in Dieppe, prior to catching a ferry to the UK at ‘stupid o’clock’  the following morning. Because of this, I had gone to bed at 8pm, but, as I was on the hunt for another vehicle for the business, I decided to have one last look on ebay before I went to sleep.

worth a punt – oh yes

And there it was – a lovely Ford Transit Luton, with Taillift, a 2.4 model with twin rear wheels and only 153,00 miles on the clock. Just what I was looking for! The auction only had 53 minutes to go, and the price had stalled at £3100 for over 2 hours. I was intrigued, as Transit Lutons around that age had been going for well over £3500 in the last couple of weeks.  I read all the comments, questions, and blurb, and decided that I didn’t have anything to lose and should have a punt – so I put in a bid for £3205, fully believing that there’d be a late surge in the last 2 minutes and this one would go for much more in the mad rush that is normal on ebay. So, not really bothered if I got it or not, I turned off my phone, set my alarm and then went to sleep.

On waking at 3am, I had a shower and a cup of tea, then got ready to drive away to the port at 4am to catch the 5.30 ferry to Newhaven. I actually had forgot what I had done the night before – that is until I took my phone off flight mode and had the notification come through from Ebay – Congratulations, it said, “you won! Transit Luton 2.4 Twin Wheel Six Speed 115 HP”.

Wow, my goodness, I really didn’t expect that (those who know me may well smile at this, as I might have used slightly more colourful language!!) While I was a bit surprised that I’d got it so cheap, I was happy as it looked in pretty good condition, and I was excited to think I had just doubled the number of vehicles I had, with the simple click of a mouse.

Of course, buying something on ebay is only a tiny part of it – you have to then physically go and collect the thing and pay the seller for it. Easier said than done, when I was only in the UK for 6 days on this particular trip. Plus the fact that the transit was for sale in Scotland, of all places (didn’t check that when I bid for it, rather stupidly), which meant I had to do some serious organising if I was to get it without having to extend my trip time in the UK. So I got to work, checking out trains and planes, and pretty quickly decided that flying up was the only option, to Edinburgh from Southampton. Actually, it works out loads cheaper than a train, and you’re only in the air for just over an hour.

So, with the flight up to Edinburgh, I had worked out how to physically pick the thing up. Next job was to try and arrange to get the thing sprayed in the company colour, Indalo Transport Silver. And so it was that Facebook came to the rescue, in the form of one Alan Beveridge, who runs a trade removals group in the UK, has a removals and storage business in Newcastle, and has made a bit of a name for himself spraying removals trucks and vans when he isn’t so busy with moving people. After a bit of banter, as he is always busy with vehicles in to prepare and spray, he agreed to fit the Luton in, as I could give him almost a month to complete the job. To say I was grateful was an understatement, as Alan’s standard of work is absolutely top notch. He even agreed to be in his yard on the following Sunday afternoon so I could drop it off for him (he doesn’t do Sundays, he always says!)

2 of these in 12 hours – don’t want to be doing that too often!

So that was how I came to catch 2 planes in the space of 12 hours – one up to Edinburgh to collect the van, then after I’d driven it down into the UK to drop it off in Newcastle, Alan took me to Newcastle airport and I caught another plane back down to Southampton.

Stressful day? – yes you bet, as I had no idea whether the van was going to be ok or a bit of a dog. That’s the only thing with buying blind, but it turned out the van was in very good condition for it’s age, and had had some serious dosh spent on the engine.

Back to normality while the white luton was being transformed

Before you can spray, everything needs preparing – looks drastic I know!

While I went back to continuing my trip, and was back in Spain within a week , work started on the van in Newcastle, and it was then sprayed and sign written, before I flew into Newcastle and collected it on Friday 26th May, just over a month later. Alan even agreed to let me collect it at 6.30am, which he said is ‘still the middle of the night’.  I had a lovely drive across to Carlisle on a gloriously clear and warm day, and then headed South. I had 4 collections on the way down to my base in Gosport, and I decided to visit Chris Seville at SBR Coachbuilders in Preston first, to collect a two-piece removals ramp that he’d made for me, on very short notice.  This is another guy I met through a Removals Trade Facebook group, and he really is a perfectionist and brilliant at what he does. This is just a sideline to his main work of building specialised removals and motorsport vehicles.

First class ramp in double quick time from Chris at SBR

So, after doing all my collections, having a few days off, and putting the van in, to have a thorough inspection the day after May Bank holiday, and at the same time replacing some parts under my scheduled maintenance, I set off for Spain on Wednesday 31st May, delivering to 2 places on the Costa Blanca on the way down.

It’s great that the van didn’t miss a beat the whole way down, and I must say I’m really pleased with my purchase – and look forward to putting it to work in Spain, the UK and all points between!

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