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How to get delivery in Spain if you want to fill a box in the UK

This page explains what to do if you want to send boxes to Spain that you have packed.

This is a very good way to ship smaller items to Spain – and a very cost effective service for up to five tea chest size boxes. It works like this:-

  • You fill your box with the things you want to send to Spain
  • We sort out a courier collection from your address to our Depot in the UK
  • We collect the box on our next trip and bring it across Europe to your address in Spain

To use this service just follow these instructions – if you have a printer and want to print this page, hold down the CTRL button and press ‘P’

indalo Transport removal box

This is a standard ‘Tea Chest’ size Removal Box


  1. Buy a box that is a maximum size of 45cm x 45cm x 50cm (18″ x 18″ x 20″) – tea chest size (as anything bigger is not allowed by ‘dimensional weight‘)
  2. Fill it with the things you want to send to Spain – Here is the list of things you cannot send to Spain
  3. Maximum Weight of the box when full must be no more than 20kg
  4. Address the box with the UK Depot Delivery address below, making sure you put your name on the first line
  5. Send an email confirmation of your order to info@indalotransport.com with the following info
    1. Your Address for courier collection
    2. Your Phone number
    3. measurements of the box (L x W x H)
    4. Weight of Box in kg
    5. Date you would like collection in UK
    6. Date after which you will be able to accept delivery in Spain
    7. Delivery address in Spain (with directions please)
    8. Delivery Contact phone number
  6. Once we confirm the cost by return email, you then pay us for the delivery
  7. We then arrange for courier collection from you on the day you choose
  8. Please make sure you are in for the courier collection!!
  9. The day after delivery, we accept the box/s into our depot
  10. We will ship the box/s to Spain, and deliver them to your door

The cost for this service is £60 per box, made up of a £40 charge from the depot to Spain, and a £20 charge for Courier collection and delivery to our depot in Gosport.

P.S. If you can take the box to the depot yourself, you only pay £40 for the delivery to Spain!

UK Depot Delivery Address –  for all items for onward delivery to Spain:-

  • ‘Your Name’
  • Indalo Transport
  • Sanderson Business Centre
  • 15 Lees Lane
  • Gosport
  • Hampshire
  • PO12 3UL
  • Please make sure you put YOUR NAME as the 1st line of the address, so deliveries can be tracked to the correct person.
  • *NOTE: The Depot is open 9am-5pm Weekdays ONLY

Feedback on this service from a client –

“This is an exceptional company to use for all types of removals. Mick offers a bespoke service at a more than competitive price. I have just had three boxes delivered to Micks depot in the UK and I have hardly arrived back in Spain and they are already here sitting in my house. This service makes shopping in the UK that much easier. You just ship a box rather than paying extortionate prices for another suitcase. You can buy all those things that you wished you could, but had to leave behind because of weight. Mick is extremely helpful and I will definitely be using this service again. Cannot highly recommend his Company enough. Thank you again Mick.” — Sally Boulton 1st July 2015