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How to Delete your Facebook Search History

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Did you know that facebook saves all your searches, as well as everything you have ever liked?

So every time you have looked up relatives, old friends, business associates or anything else from within facebook, every single thing you have ever typed in has been recorded. Not only that, every time you clicked ‘Like’ on a page or post, facebook recorded the time and date, as well as the thing you clicked on.

Which means that you don’t really need a ‘Save’ option after all, as they’ve been saving EVERYTHING from the moment you joined facebook.

With likes, you can only go back and ‘unlike’ things or disallow them from your timeline, but you can go further and actually delete your search history.

Follow the instructions below to get to the page where you can delete your search history – it’s the same place where you can find all your old likes, right back to when you joined.

First, from within facebook, click on the down arrow in the top right corner and then click on “Settings”

fb search delete1

Now click on “Privacy” in the left hand pane, to bring up the page below

fb search delete2

Now click on “Use Activity Log” on the right hand side, within the ‘Who can see my stuff’ section. This will then open up a new section on the left of the page like below.

fb search delete3

Now if you click on the “MORE” at the bottom, you will see all the different things that facebook has saved from when you first joined – As below.

fb search delete4

This is where you will find everything, including search, likes and comments you have made.

Click on “Search” and then at the top you will see “Clear Searches”. Click on this to get rid of your search history.

If you instead click on “Likes”, you will be able to go back, month by month, and see everything you have ever liked – so you can always find stuff as long as you ‘Like’ it.

fb search delete5


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