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Good news for your next removal – They let me join Move Assured!

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27th July 2015

Have you found it difficult to pick a removal company, because there are just so many out there?

How you guarantee that you’ll get the very best service at the best possible price?

Just because they are at the top of Google, does that mean they are any good?

Or are they someone working from a bedroom and with no real removal trucks of their own?

Well, I’ve found a way to help you ensure that the removal company you choose has customer service as its main motivation.

It’s an organisation that lets you tell everyone how good (or bad) your removal firm is.

And they have checked me out and let me join!

Indalo Transport has been striving, from day 1, to put you, the customer, first:

  • To make sure you have the best experience possible when you move.
  • To make sure everything goes without a hitch.
  • To do what we say, exactly when we say it.
  • To be able to completely trust us with your worldly possessions.

However, we find that many people can’t tell this just by looking at our website.

So I wanted to find a way to help prove to you that my service is worthy of your consideration.

I’m pleased to tell you that I’ve found something to help you believe me when I tell you that I am a professional remover, with the highest standards of service, and with a proactive interest in making your removal day exciting and relaxing rather than stressful.

What I have found is an organisation with a Code of Conduct, that enables you to leave feedback on your move for the whole world to see.

The organisation is called Move Assured.

MA feedback

Move Assured is where professional, dedicated removers are proud to be part of a new type of organisation, and they are continuously monitored to make sure they are legally allowed to offer the services they do.

Move Assured have rigorous checks before they will let anyone join, to make sure that all their members have up to date goods in transit insurance and public liability insurance, and have the correct attitude to what they do.

The Move Assured Code of Conduct

Being continuously monitored through membership of Move Assured helps to make sure that you get the very best service on your next removal.

The organisation’s website is a place you can go to leave feedback on your experience with Indalo Transport, to share it with those booking a removal in the future, thereby helping them to make the right choice of removal company.

I am very proud to have been accepted into the Move Assured family – It is further assurance of a successful move if you choose Indalo Transport.

To find out more about the Move Assured organisation, click here

For a quote for your next removal click here

Thanks for reading.

Mick Cox