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How do I choose my removal company?

  Considering how many times you may move in your life, it’s no real surprise that you’re not an expert at choosing a removal company. When you’re planning to undertake a major move abroad, to uproot your life and start all over again somewhere that you don’t know very well, it’s even more important that [...]

Huge New Trailer doubles our capacity!

Say Hi to another new member of the Indalo Transport family!   Indalo Transport has invested in a brand new removals trailer, to make the company’s countless journeys from the UK to Spain, even more environmentally friendly. This fantastic new trailer, custom built by SBR Specialist Coachbuilders in Preston, joined the company on June 17th 2017. [...]

New Removal Van for Indalo Transport

We’re really excited to tell you that we have now bought another removal van, so we can provide you with a much better service to, from and within Spain. The addition of this Ford Transit Luton, pictured above, marks the start of a new phase for Indalo Transport, as the new vehicle has a tail [...]

How to avoid these 7 packing mistakes, for the best removal

Considering the number of times that you move in your life, it’s no real surprise that you may not be an expert at packing. With the stress of a house move, you’d be forgiven for not knowing all the ins and outs of how to, say, safely pack a crystal vase in a box so [...]

How to Save Money & Do Finance, for Expats in Spain

Sterling. The Great British Pound. Whatever you want to call it, it’s quite a magical thing, really. It’s often quite hard to come by, it seems to get frittered away all too easily, and most people wish that they could always have more of it. Earning it brings you a sense of pride and spending [...]

How to Use a Roundabout in Spain

Hang on I hear you say – I know how to use a roundabout, I use them all the time in the UK, it’s all the same all over Europe, surely. Well actually, no that’s not strictly true. Read on to find out why. Roundabouts are a relatively recent addition to the roads in Spain, [...]

Moving To Barcelona … An Expat Guide

Ah, Barcelona!*  This effervescent and intoxicating city is a world-renowned cultural hot spot, which is probably why the city’s popped up on your radar as a possible place to relocate to as a British expat. As well as being a very popular destination for University students wanting to go study abroad on the Erasmus Programme, [...]

New Mojacar Paseo now completed!

Work has recently finished on the 880m extension to the Paseo on Mojacar Playa in Almeria, Spain. After being started in April last year, it has been finished slightly ahead of the scheduled time of 14 months. With the new addition, there is now almost 3 kilometres of paseo and cycle path for all visitors [...]

Moving to Murcia … an Expat Guide

So, you’ve decided to become an expat (congratulations by the way!) and you’ve promised yourself that by this time next year you’re going to be living the life of Riley somewhere in sunny Spain. To help you decide where that’s going to be, this post – part of our series of guides about the villages, [...]

8 Top Tips to help sun worshippers stay healthy

Here are our top tips on how you can save your skin from the Spanish sun this summer, including a free online skin-type quiz, what you should avoid, and how to effectively protect your children too. Too much of a good thing can be bad for you As a people, we Brits absolutely adore the [...]

All You Need to Know About Moving to Europe with your Pets

Did you know that in 2015, a whopping 46 percent of households within the UK registered as having pets? That’s an amazing 12 million families across the whole of Great Britain who love sharing their homes and spending their time with many a furry, feathery or scaly friend. So it’s pretty safe to assume that [...]

Moving to Almeria … an Expat Guide

This essential guide,  part of our series of guides about the villages, towns, cities, provinces and regions of Spain, will give you plenty of information about the wonderful province of Almeria, in the region of Andalucia, in Spain. If you’re window shopping because you haven’t yet decided whether you want to become an expat, or [...]

Moving to the Costas … An Expat Guide

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the words “Spanish Costa” I can’t help but conjure up rich imagery of impressive mountains, sleepy inland idylls, bright warm sunshine and sparkling oceans. I find my senses become overwhelmed by a tapestry of vibrant colours, & I can hear the hustle and bustle of happy [...]

Your Essential Free Moving Checklist 2018

Moving, it’s often deemed quite stressful. And moving abroad? Phewee, most people think that they need a long holiday after just considering moving to another country! Many websites like to make light of the “epic fails” of a move that’s gone badly wrong, to teach families what to avoid when preparing to relocate. It’s sometimes [...]

Moving to Marbella … an Expat Guide

You may be wondering what life would be like if you took the plunge and moved to the dazzling, vibrant town of Marbella, and you’ve found this page during your quest to finding out whether Marbella is the perfect place for you to become an expat or not. You may even already live in this [...]

Irresistible! – How could you not absolutely love Spanish food?

There are many reasons why you’ll love Spain as an expat. There’s the gloriously warm, sunny weather, life, in general, seems to run at a much slower pace than in the UK, and the country’s natural beauty is the most varied and awe-inspiring in the whole of Europe, maybe even the whole world! But one [...]

The 1 Click Way to a Stress Free UK Spain Removal, Guaranteed.

“Change is as good as a rest”, they say, and there’s no bigger change than moving house. But sometimes, when you’re in the middle of relocating and you find yourself awash in a sea of bubble wrap, living out of cardboard boxes and wondering where you left the box tape, the last thing that you’ll [...]

Moving to Mojacar … an Expat Guide

If you’re an expat already living in the beautiful area of Mojácar, this expat guide, part of our series of guides about the villages, towns, cities, provinces and regions of Spain, will help you settle in to your wonderful new home. And if you’ve already experienced some of its delights, then hopefully this guide will [...]

Easter in Spain 2018 – Fantastic festivities in the Sun!

If you’re an expat who has recently arrived in Spain, you’ve relocated at the perfect time! You’re probably aware at how cultural and lively the Spanish are – they’re world famous for hosting countless colourful celebrations and fun festivities all throughout the year, but things are just starting to kick off now. To get your [...]

Moving to Portugal … an Expat Guide

So you’ve decided to become an expat, and you’ve opted to move to Portugal. Bravo, what a brilliant choice! This beautiful and exciting country certainly won’t disappoint, particularly if you’re an expat looking to immerse themselves in a truly vibrant culture, and where adventure awaits them every single day. Portugal has an incredibly rich heritage, [...]

Indalo Transport investing in the future – to bring down prices and help make the planet greener

Say Hi to the newest member of the Indalo Transport family!     Indalo Transport has invested in a brand new vehicle, to make the company’s countless journeys from the UK to Spain more environmentally friendly than ever before. This fantastic new Iveco Daily 50C17 joined the company on March 1st 2016. The cleaner running [...]

Gardening in Spain for Expats – What you need to know

Did you know that, in 2014, there were around 27 million Brits who enjoyed gardening, and that approximately one third of all UK adults in that year gardened at least once a week? Looking at these facts then, it’s pretty safe to say then that if you’re moving to Spain from Great Britain, you’re likely [...]

Moving to Spain … Regions guide for expats

Spain is an absolutely beautiful country, so it’s a darn good job that you’ve followed your heart and have decided that you’re going to move there! It’ll do you the world of good relocating there, and Spain certainly won’t let you down, in fact, it will exceed your expectations. It has such an array of [...]

Moving to Spain … an Expat Guide

There is nothing more exciting than taking the plunge and deciding to become an expat. It really is an exhilarating adventure, and there aren’t many experiences in life that effect you in quite the same, glorious way that emigrating does. Once you commit to moving to another country, there’s no looking back. As daunting as [...]

Moving to France … an Expat Guide

So, you’re moving to France. Congratulations on deciding to become an expat, what an absolutely amazing decision! It’s one that you won’t ever regret. Emigrating is one of the few life-changing experiences that can genuinely change your life for the better. If you need help with the removal to France, click here for a free [...]

Essential Tips for moving to Spain with your Children

We all know how stressful relocating within the UK can be, so imagine what it can be like if you’re emigrating to Spain with your children! The decision to move home doesn’t just impact us as grownups, it affects our kids in much the same way too. Whether we like it or not, choosing to [...]

Moving to Madrid … an Expat Guide

When you decide to become an expat, you’re embarking on a truly awesome adventure, and there are only exciting times ahead for you. The lure of a new life in another country is something which humans have found alluring since we had the means to get around. At the beginning of the seventeenth century we [...]

Loading for the UK

I hope you like this behind the scenes time lapse video I took of the process of loading a van for my UK trip this month. http://indalotransport.wistia.com/medias/k1xrdl9sjz?embedType=async&videoFoam=true&videoWidth=640 The video shows how a lot of care is taken over loading, to make sure the vehicle is loaded as tight as possible, with everything heavy and robust [...]

Geneva Trip Photos – Removal from France to Spain

geneva trip Indalo Transport

Well, not really Geneva, actually about 50km South, but still very close!  This is a photo record of the stunning scenery close to Thones, where I recently went, for a removal from France to Spain. Final destination was Villaricos, on the Mediterannean Coast in Almeria. If you’ve enjoyed this article, you may enjoy Your Essential [...]

Be careful who you book for your removal – Walsall family left with nothing after Facebook ‘man with van’ drove off with belongings

  Whilst the power of the new social media channels like Facebook cannot be underestimated, this heartbreaking story is a reminder that you still need to be very careful when choosing who provides you with services, especially if they only advertise on social media. Mark Higgins and Becky Szenk booked their removal with a ‘man [...]

Good news for your next removal – They let me join Move Assured!

Have you found it difficult to pick a removal company, because there are just so many out there? How you guarantee that you’ll get brilliant service at the best possible price? Just because they are at the top of Google, does that mean they are good? Well, I’ve found a way to help you ensure [...]

Save Time, Money & Hassle when you send anything to Spain

Have you found a really good deal on Ebay and want to find out how to ship it out to Spain? Are you missing your favourite foods because you can’t buy them at your local Mercadona? Is there a beautiful dining table you’ve found in the UK, that you’d love to……………….. sit down to for [...]

Funny jokes and cartoons

We hope you have a grin at some of these, which were found on various social media sites. Bookmark this page and come back every week for a new chuckle!    

Should Have Used …

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Your Next Removal – Not Doing This Could Cost you 1,000s

When you are planning to undertake a major move abroad, to uproot your life and start all over again somewhere that you don’t know very well, it’s important that you keep your stress levels as low as possible, by using services you can trust and rely on. Not choosing the correct removal company could cost [...]

A (pictorial) Road Journey from Mojacar to Gosport via Dieppe

Moajcar to Gosport by road in pictures

  This is an unashamedly self indulgent post that is made up of 83 photos taken during one of my trips back to the UK, in September 2014. These photos will give you an idea of what you will see if you decide to drive from Mojacar, Almeria (South Eastern Spain), through France to the [...]

10 top tips for buying a property in Spain

  Here are 10 essential tips to help you with buying your dream Spanish property. As moving to a new country is definitely a big deal. Whilst the thought of going to live in Spain very close to a golden beach may appeal, especially during particularly grey days in the UK, there is a lot [...]

Origins of the ‘Indalo Man’

The ‘Mojacar Man’ or “Indalo” is the symbol adopted by Mojacar, a village in the Southeastern Spanish province of Almeria, as their logo. It’s history and origins is detailed below. The Indalo is a prehistoric, supposedly magical symbol that was found in a cave in the Los Velez Natural Park in Velez Blanco, Spain. The [...]

Renew your Passport when abroad

Did you realise that the UK government has made major changes to the passport and consular service for British Nationals who are overseas? Before, you had to make the application directly to the British Consular Service in the country you were living in at the time, which in Spain’s case, was in Madrid.  That is [...]

7 Essential items you Must Carry when driving in Spain

Don’t forget to always carry the following things in your car when travelling in and around Spain. Passport or ID Card Driving Licence Insurance Certificate Original registration document (permiso de circulación)  Ficha Tecnica/itv (Mot Certificate) Two warning triangles  Reflective Jacket(s) – for anyone who gets out of the car on a main road. If you [...]

Driving Abroad this year? You MUST watch this video

If you or you friends are going to be driving across Spain or other parts of Europe this year, please watch this video to learn how to protect yourself and your friends against modern day highway robbers. If you’ve enjoyed this article, you may enjoy Your Essential – Free – Moving Checklist How to avoid [...]

Top Five Tips For A Stress-Free Removal in Spain

The siestas. The tapas. The sangrias. The now affordable housing, with six-figure villas going for easy five figures. Whatever it is that has made you want to have your place under the Spanish sun, now you are faced with having to move to another location. Whether that is still within the EU member state or [...]