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Here are 10 top tips for buying a property in Spain in 2023. This will help you with buying your dream Spanish home. As moving to a new country is definitely a big deal. More so now, than ever before, as the UK is an independent nation.

The thought of going to live in Spain very close to a golden beach definitely appeals, especially during particularly grey days in the UK. However, there is a lot to have to think about when you decide to live in another country.

As well as all the normal things you have to deal with in a removal within your own country, there are extra things as well. The language, currency and a completely different legal system to list just three. Added to that is the fact that things will take longer to sort out, even though this sort of thing is already a bit of a drawn out process!

Indalo Transport’s 10 top tips for buying a property in Spain in 2023 will make sure you don’t miss anything really important. There is also a link to more help from the UK Government at the end of the article.

10 Top Tips

1. Legal Advice.

The Spanish conveyancing system is very different to the UK, so you should always use a lawyer with expert knowledge of the Spanish property system. They should be able to give you their registration number with the local ‘Colegio de Abogados’ (the local lawyers association). You can get a list of English speaking Lawyers from the British Embassy in Madrid here. Be careful of using Lawyers recommended by an estate agent or developer, as they may be acting for both parties. Or may not be independent (a cause of many problems during the boom years before 2008). For most of the rest of the items on this list, your lawyer should check them anyway, but it is a good idea for you to know what sort of things he/she should be doing for their fee.

get legal advice

Get professional legal advice

2. Nota Simple

All properties must now have a ‘Nota Simple’ (land registry extract) and an energy efficiency certificate before they can be offered for sale. The nota simple lists some basic information, so you can check that there are no debts or legal proceedings pending. It also shows that the registered owners of the property are in fact the sellers.

nota simple example

An example of a Nota Simple

3. Catastro

Make sure that the property is a legal build and has all the correct permissions, and is listed on the Cadastral register. The Cadastral certificate is very useful, as it will give you the exact size of the plot and show you where the boundaries are. If you have the cadastral reference number, access the online record yourself here.

4. Spanish Council tax

Find out that the cadastral value of the property as this will then help you find out what the purchase tax and the yearly ‘IBI’ (like council tax) bill will be.

5. Payment Proof

You should get a receipt to prove that all the utility bills, including the ‘IBI’ have been paid up to date by the existing owner, before you buy.

6. Restrictions

It is a good idea to check that there are no rights of way or building restrictions on the land you wish to buy, which can be easily checked at the local town hall.


Spanish Town Hall

7. Survey

Most people don’t do this when buying in Spain, but it is prudent to have a property survey carried out, just as you would if you were buying in the UK.

8. 1st Habitation Certificate

If you are buying a new property, of which there are many still unsold from 2007, you will need a ‘licence of first habitation certificate’ issued by the town hall.

9. Written down

Always get offers and agreements in writing before agreeing to proceed and always insist on a paper receipt for any money you have paid.passport

10. Get a Will in Spain

Last but not least, get a Will in Spain. This is so that if anything happens to you, the inheritance laws in Spain don’t get in the way of your wishes.

I hope that 10 top tips for  buying a property in Spain in 2023 has helped you learn more about this market. As you can see from all that, there is quite  a lot that is different to buying in the UK, so you should use experts to guide you and make sure that you don’t get caught out by any legal or procedural loopholes.

For more information, go to ‘How to buy Property in Spain’ from the UK Government’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office

If you are thinking of moving to Spain, or already have decided to, contact us for a quote for your removal from the UK to Spain, or use our superfast online quoting form

We are fully Insured, Professional and would love to help you make the move to a new life.

Disclaimer:  This information is a general guide and is subject to change. You should always seek professional help and guidance before entering into any sort of contract. Every effort has been made to ensure that this site is up to date and accurate. However, Indalo Transport cannot be held liable for any loss which may arise from relying on information contained in this article.

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