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1-click for stress-free UK-Spain removal

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The 1 Click way to a stress Free UK Spain Removal in 2022

Read this article to find out the 1 click way to a stress-free UK to Spain removal in 2023,,  guaranteed.

“Change is as good as a rest”, they say, and there’s no bigger change than moving house.

Indalo Transport Removal Quote

But when you’re in the middle of moving and you find yourself in a sea of bubble wrap, the last thing that you may agree on, is “Yep, this whole moving malarkey is definitely as good as a rest”!

Yes, moving can be stressful – in fact, it’s one of the most stressful events in modern adult life. Still, countless families do it every day.

This is because (a) they wouldn’t go through with the move if the change wasn’t worth it (and by the way, it’s always worth it) and (b), when searching for a highly recommended and trustworthy removals company they discovered that Indalo Transport is a member of the Trading Standard’s ‘Buy With Confidence’ Scheme.

If at this point you’re excited at being able to hire a Trading Standards approved removals firm in just one simple step, then 1-click here!

If you’d like to find out what the Trading Standard’s ‘Buy With Confidence’ Scheme is, then read on!

Who are Trading Standards?


Trading Standards are an Institute of professionals who work with our local Councils in the UK. They act on behalf of all of us, as consumers and businesses.

They advise and enforce laws that govern the way we buy, sell, rent and hire goods and services. Basically, the guys and gals at Trading Standards make sure that rogue traders and scammers can’t get away with ripping people off.

Consider them the Sheriffs of the business world, these knowledgeable professionals who always keep an eye out for consumers. They make sure that you get the high-quality products and services you deserve, from credible, hard-working local companies that care about doing the best job possible.

If a customer ever has a complaint about a business, it’s the Trading Standards people they should go to for help and advice.

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Indalo Transport Removal Quote

What is their ‘Buy With Confidence’ Scheme and Where Can I Find the Website?

The Trading Standard’s ‘Buy With Confidence’ Scheme for Approved Businesses was created nearly two decades ago. It’s aim was, and still is, to help consumers find reputable and responsible companies in all types of trades and services.

It was designed to combat the rise in cowboy tradesmen looking to rip-off unsuspecting people. Therefore, the scheme really is a great way to guarantee reassurance and peace of mind for you as a consumer.

Any business that you find within the ‘Buy With Confidence’ Scheme, whether it’s a removals firm or accountants, will be the very best of the best.

The companies listed on the website are reliable, trustworthy and excellent value for money. Click here to go to the Buy with Confidence website (link opens a new page)

The 1 Click way to a stress Free UK Spain Removal in 20230 – It really is the sure-fire way of taking the guesswork out of finding great businesses that are dependable, and who only provide outstanding levels of customer service.

You should feel confident that any firm you find on the Trading Standard’s ‘Buy With Confidence’ website is the real deal.

How do Removals Firms Become a Member of the Scheme?

By being seriously vetted, and we mean seriously!

Trading Standard video

Becoming Trading Standards Approved in a nutshell – 2min 26 secs video

Any business wanting to be a part of the ‘Buy With Confidence’ Scheme must be prepared to be probed, appraised, scrutinized, and reviewed. They must undergo a myriad of stringent checks which include audit visits and criminal background checks about them and their team.

The series of visits are undertaken, independently, by the local County Council’s Trading Standards Service. Only when a business has passed all of these set procedures and checks can they join the Scheme.

Once a company is approved, Trading Standards continues to monitor their performance through the quality and quantity of customer feedback.

It’s a condition of the Scheme’s membership that these feedback forms are available to all customers, or the client can go directly to the website and leave a review there. It is true that honest reviews are the things which power the Scheme.

What Are the Risks of Using a Removals Firm Who Aren’t ‘Trading Standards’ approved?

If you choose to go with a removals company that isn’t a part of the Trading Standard’s ‘Buy With Confidence’ Scheme, you could be risking, well, everything.

There are countless stories of “White Van Men” who have placed online adverts promising removals. Often at incredibly affordable prices too. But once, everything is loaded into the van, they drive away, never to be seen again. Or they damage your treasured possessions.  (here’s one horror story as example)

If something does go wrong with your removal, then you can be confident that a registered company will want to put things right.  Using a company that isn’t a member of the ‘Buy With Confidence’ Scheme, you will have no one to back you up.

Many removals firms don’t have the correct type of insurance to cover the types of loads they carry. Therefore, if something got broken, there’s no guarantee that you’d get compensation. Trading Standards registered companies don’t have this problem.

By using a removals company who are members of the Trading Standard’s ‘Buy With Confidence’ Scheme, you reduce the chance of problems, and also cover yourself in the event that anything goes wrong.

Are Indalo Transport a Part of The Buy With Confidence Scheme?

Yes, we are! You can rest assured that Indalo Transport is Trading Standard’s Approved. You can Buy With Confidence through us.

We are members of this exclusive and excellent scheme. This guarantees you’ll receive excellent value for money and customer service that is professional. We’re also insured through Lloyds of London, so all your items are protected from Door to Door, across Europe, the UK and Ireland.

Indalo Transport Removal Quote

Does The Buy With Confidence Scheme cover Removals From UK to Spain?

Spain Flag - Indalo Transport

Indalo Transport – The only name you’ll ever need for Removals to Spain from the UK – or even for a removal to the UK from Spain!

Yes, it does, and that’s great because that’s what Indalo Transport specialises in!

We are a UK based company, with a warehouse in both Hampshire and in Southern Spain.   We help families each and every week relocate to Spain from the UK, and from Spain back to the UK.

Trading Standards approval backs up our commitment to exceptional customer service.

So there you have it, several reasons as to why you really should book a removals firm that are members of the Trading Standard’s ‘Buy With Confidence’ Scheme.

Browsing the ‘Buy With Confidence’ website will give you peace of mind and reassurance.  You’ll know that whoever you choose will provide an excellent service. They come highly recommended, and they’ll offer you the very best service with care and respect.

If you’d like a quote from a family-run, professional Trading Standard’s Approved removals firm,  then get in touch with us below.

The 1 click way to a stress-free UK to Spain removal, guaranteed, is below.

You can Buy With Confidence through Indalo Transport!

Indalo Transport Removal Quote

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